Brevard Busking Coalition is a Bunch of Sweethearts

When Brevard Happening was invited to attend a rehearsal of the local band, Brevard Busking Coalition, we were excited for three reasons:

  1. Any band with “Brevard” in its name is a friend of ours
  2. We’d heard good things and were looking forward to hearing more good things (of the musical variety)
  3. Some of the band’s promotional stickers urge, “Support Hyperlocal Music,” and with that we couldn’t agree more

We were not disappointed.

Brevard Busking Coalition's "It will come back to you" Album Cover

The rehearsal took place on a Sunday evening at the West Melbourne home of Dave “dbusker.” There, we met mustachioed marvel and lead vocalist Jared Campbell (the only one who goes by his actual full name) as well as the rest of the Coalition, a handful of guys who were at various stages of unpacking, tuning and prepping a vast assortment of everyday and exotic instruments.

“Tom Manlike,” the band’s primary percussionist, wasn’t able to make it. But we got to shake hands with gentlemen named “A” and “BrYan” (notice the very important uppercase “Y”) and “his cheap moves.” Yes, “his cheap moves” is “his stage name.”

Weird but fully friendly introductions aside, it was time for Brevard Busking Coalition to play. And play they did. And it was great. Energetic, musically interesting and catchy. Wonderful. But NOT easily defined.

Describing Brevard Busking Coalition’s sound is something even the band members struggle with. The “About” on their Facebook page tries with phrases like “hyperbolic supersonic urban folk” and “wildly percussive original acoustic music.” The “Who are some of your influences?” area of their Website lists upwards of 40 bands and artists both popular and obscure. All of it feels accurate–but none of it is particularly enlightening.

Our take? Well, we thought they sounded a bit like early They Might Be Giants and a little like Primus, with some Moxy Fruvous, Rusted Root and The Specials thrown in for good measure. Here they were a bit island, there a bit metal–one song was kinda punky; the next, alternative folk.

And that’s just the music. Pile on top of that lyrical content that runs the gamut from whimsical…

“The hippopotamus is semi-aquatic
living in the rivers and lakes
Aggressive creatures that kill lots of people
They can bite you right in two-oo-oooo!”

…to sociopolitical…

“Cheeseburger cheeseburger
washed down with corn syrup
Made up for the masses
In factories of DOOM”

…to philosophical…

“Do what you’ve always done
And you’ll get what you’ve always gotten
It’s such a shame to live in this world
When you can’t see your problem”

…and you won’t be able to tell if you’re coming or going. What you will know when you’re listening to Brevard Busking Coalition, however, is that you are having a damn enjoyable time. You’ll be smiling. Maybe even boogying down. And perhaps that’s the best way to describe the band: Fun.

Here’s a small taste. An exclusive Brevard Happening meets Brevard Busking Coalition rehearsal video:

Nice, eh? Now go give the band a “like” on Facebook before you forget. Anyway…

When the rehearsal was over, we asked the guys if they wanted Brevard Happening readers to know anything else about them.

“That we’re just a bunch of sweethearts!” offered “A.”

“And that they should buy our album on iTunes!” added at least two of the other Buskers.

Done, and DONE. 

Catch Brevard Busking Coalition LIVE at Kilted Mermaid in Vero Beach on Fri. Aug. 10 and at Paddy Cassidy’s Irish Pub in Cocoa Beach on Fri. Aug. 17. After those dates pass, just check the Brevard Happening calendar. Brevard Busking Coalition posts all their shows here! (And even if they don’t, they’re kind of obligated to now, aren’t they? Hehe.)

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